Little tanzania the cuteness for your kids

Little tanzania the cuteness for your kids

Why buy ordinary clothes whe you can buy special clothes for you loved ones. 


No matter what's season, your boys and girls always need great quality clothes at simply great prices. In our new collection we have better fabrics in styles that moms and dads can't say NO to.

Smile & Comfy is the key for fabulous soft washable fabrics such as; cotton linen and performance nylon which are both light weight and soft to touch. When it comes to the design, The prints are out of this world.

This time we have bolder designs, more details combined with intricate embroidery’s in styles like layered shoulders or functional pockets. To this we add a mixture of prints between your favorite cartoons and photo realistic, giving even more choice

For the image conscious younger and preteen ages we have carefully designed more colourful and lively ranges in tune with mom and dad. All style for these ages, Lots of style to choose, from sporty trends to easy casual look.

So treat your kids to our new stylish F&F Clothing ranges inspired by YOU! exclusively at Tesco Lotus. Near you.